Arena Vortex Evolution green

Arena Vortex Evolution green

Arena Arena
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Product description

Arena Vortex Evolution hand paddles is an indispensable training tool for every swimmer. These are available in M and L sizes. They have a larger engagement area than the palm, so they have more resistance in the water and the training becomes more intense. Despite the bigger shot, the packs are designed to reduce tension in the shoulder. They are also made, unlike other hand paddles, for each hand separately, and with the help of the image you can easily see how it fits. They are particularly suitable for strength training with upper limbs. The small holes in hand paddles provide a better sense of water.

Setting options for the straps of Arena Vortex Evolution

Plavecké packy Arena Vortex Evolution

Black silicone straps for hand attachment are also included in the package. You can set these straps exactly according to your needs. The Arena Vortex Evolution is made of polypropylene, they are green , and the Arena logo is printed on the bottom of the paddles.

Set of Silicone straps for Arena Vortex Evolution hand paddles

Plavecké packy Arena Vortex Evolution

The width of the paddles is is 18.5 cm and the length is 23 cm in size L.

The width is 17.5 cm and the length 19.5 cm in size M.

Note: the green, pink and gray packs in our offer, but the color differs :-)

The Arena Vortex hand paddles have been on the market for several years and I really loved them. The paddles are available in sizes M and L, and I use the size L (length 23 cm, width 18.5 cm) which is just right. This means that the paws exceed my palm by 10-20%. However, less experienced swimmers would recommend a smaller size.

4 rubber straps are included in the package of each pair of hand paddles. One pair of longer and one pair shorter. This is because these paddles allow several snap options so that everyone can adjust them to his hands as comfortable as possible.

On packs from Arena I like great hydrodynamic shape of the Arena hand paddles. As one of the few paddles they are made separately for the right and left hand, so they fit nicely to the palm. They are slightly arched and easily copy the shape of the palm. Unlike the cheaper and flattened paddles, my palms did not hurt even after longer swimming, and the grip of the paddles is more natural.

Resistance paddles have a lost of holes on it, both in the middle of the palm and the fingers, which I see as an important thing in every paddles. The water flows through the holes, so I do not lose feeling and I can focus on the correct trajectory of the shot.

Furthermore, I appreciate their rubberized rim of the Arena Vortex paddles.Thanks to this, if my palms touch the wall in case of breaststroke and butterfly turns the edges of the paddles do not slip. So I can bounce back without hesitation, lean on them and continue swimming.


Parameter Description
Material Polypropylene
Color Green
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The Arena brand was established in 1973 as a division of Adidas France. After its development in the following years, it broke through to the global market and so became one of the leaders in the field of swimming equipment. Especially swimwear, as well as swimming goggles and aids. Arena has its own team of elite athletes who test the quality of the materials and technologies used. Due to the high technological level, the company progressively introduces swimwear made of new materials, both for competitors and recreational swimmers.


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