Pull Buoy For Swimming Speedo Elite Pullbuoy Foam

Pull Buoy For Swimming Speedo Elite Pullbuoy Foam

Speedo Speedo
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Product description

Speedo Elite Pullbuoy Foam is a popular training aid that has been developed with the help of professional swimmers. It is suitable for all who want to improve their swimming technique. This Speedo pull buoy helps to strengthen and develop the upper body and can be used in any swimming training.

The material of this swimming aid is a light foam (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate). In order to provide comfort and ergonomic shape, the Speedo Elite Pullbuoy Foam is rounded in the shape of eight. It is available in red with a white Speedo logo.

Size chart of Speedo Elite pull buoy

 Height of the pull buoy (A)

 Length of the pull buoy (B)

 Width of the pull buoy in the narrowest place (C)

 12 cm

 23 cm

 4,5 cm

Swimmer eight, pull buoy, float or board between legs. This swimming aid has many names, but you most likely meet the name of a swimming pull buoy. In my hand, or rather between my legs, I just got the pull buoy by Speedo, the Pullbuoy Elite Foam.

The buoy is 23 cm long, 12 cm tall and 4.5 cm in the narrowest place. At one end it is wider than on the other one. I use my pull buoy in workout regularly because it not only helps me to improve the technique and endurance and to raise my legs to a horizontal position, but also to diversify the training.

The size, the right roughness of the material, the narrow center, and the expanding edges made it possible that the swimmer can hold it between the legs without any problems. I did not have to concentrate on whether or not it was falling down, and I could fully concentrate on the arm work. After shifting the sponge down to the ankles, the pull buoy did not release. The aid has a pleasant lift and does not dive, greatly helps keep the legs in the horizontal position. If you do not have a classic pull buoy, you can use a kickboard instead in case of an emergency.

In comparison with the  cheaper pull buoys, Speedo Pullbuoy Elite Foam is made of premium harder foam material. I use pull buoys for training on a regular basis, and even after a few years of use, it does not have any disadvantages, nor does it have "bite" edges, as is often the case with cheaper aids.

EVA material (ethylene vinyl acetate) - This foam material is flexible, elastic and light. It is very durable, waterproof and is also resistant to UV radiation.


Parameter Description
Material EVA
Color Blue
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