Mad Wave Paddles Black

Mad Wave Paddles Black

Mad Wave Mad Wave
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Product description

There are countless swimming paddles on the market, so sometimes it takes a while to find the ones that meet all the criteria. I've managed to find mine and it makes my requirements for whatever paddles I'm swimming in all the more demanding. However, the Mad Wave paddles exceeded all my expectations and I was more than satisfied.

The Mad Wave Paddles swim paddles come in black with green elastic straps. They don't tighten anywhere during training, they are easily adjustable and the paddles are comfortable to put on, and take off and don't fall out of your hand during swimming. The paddles also have small holes in them, which allow water to flow through them and therefore the paddles do not create so much resistance. This type of paddles is better for beginners or for improving technique. But don't be fooled. Even with these paddles, you can push yourself hard enough, which I was pleasantly surprised by.

The ergonomic shape of the paddles is a win in itself. Why is that?

  • Non-ergonomically shaped paddles often hurt the palms and fingers, which have to adjust to their flatness. Ergonomically shaped paddles fit the hands perfectly.
  • The paddles are specially designed to strengthen the upper limbs and practice proper hand grip. Their hydrodynamic features will help you do this.
  • Use the silicone straps to easily adjust to your hand size.
  • The paddles are in a modern black and green colour scheme.

The paddles also stay afloat when removed, so you won't have to dive down to the bottom to get them, and are available in three sizes.

Size S M L
Width x height 11,8 x 17,5 cm 13 x 18,5 cm 16 x 22 cm


Parameter Description
Material Polypropylene
Color Black
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on Friday 28.06. at your place

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