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How to choose a competition swimsuit

17.3.2023 Advices you

Swimming competition season is in full swing, and that means only one thing. Competition swimwear. They are perhaps the jewel for every swimmer and at the same time the last piece of the puzzle for good performance. So how to choose a competition swimsuit, what to look for and what is not important? What to choose? 

How to use an anti-fog?

16.3.2023 Advices you

Maybe you think it doesn’t matter if you have an antifog layer on your goggles or not, that the goggles anyway fog up over time. Here is a tip on how to deal with fogging! 

What is a resistance swimsuit for?

16.3.2023 Advices you
Do you want to make your swimming training more difficult? Find out what resistance swimwear is for and try its benefits. As the name suggests, a resistance swimsuit increases resistance against water and thus makes training more difficult and intense. 

What is the use of the pull buoy?

16.3.2023 Advices you

A pull buoy is a swimming aid that we place between our thighs and use only our arms for swimming. The higher the pull buoy is placed on our legs, the easier it is to perform the exercise. Continue reading and learn more about this popular swimming aid. 

Why choose a nose clip?

7.3.2023 Advices you

Swimwear, cap and goggles. These three items are the most used in the water. In addition to that there is a small effective gadget for more pleasant swimming, that is the nose clip. A little addition to the swimming equipment, people often ask us about. Are you one of those people who like to have their nose dry? 

How to choose earplugs?

21.2.2023 Advices you
It’s a small thing, but for many swimmers, earplugs are an important accessory. We have prepared all the important information for you in one place. Learn how to choose the right earplugs.

How to choose a swimming buoy?

21.2.2023 Advices you

The buoy will protect you very well if you overestimate your strength and also if you get cramps. A swimming buoy is great so it’s an increasingly popular aid in open water, long-distance swimming or ice-cold water swimming. There are many swimming buoys and it's good to know something about them in order to choose the right one.

How to choose a swimming belt?

9.2.2023 Advices you

The swimming belt is the most popular aid for teaching children how to swim. Compared to the inflatable swim rings, they can’t deflate, you can’t break them easily and can be tightened around the small swimmer's body with a buckle as needed. In the inflatable swim ring, the child balances while swimming, so it’s very easy to flip over or slip out. For safety reasons, swimming belts are better than inflatable swim rings.

How to choose a swim snorkel?

9.2.2023 Advices you

We see the swim snorkels more and more often in the swimming pools because it’s becoming a very popular aid and a training tool. However, there are still a few questions surrounding this theme which we will clear up before buying one.

How to choose hand paddles?

9.2.2023 Advices you

Hand paddles are great helpers to diversify the training, improving the technique and strengthening upper muscle parts. However, there are several hand paddle types, see which ones are the best for you at the beginning, and which ones are for more experienced swimmers. You will learn what are the types and how they differ.

How to choose fins for swimming?

We will advise you which fins to choose. Fins for swimming are great aids for both, beginners and experienced swimmers. They diversify your training, speed up swimming and help to correct the position of the body in the water. Do you know which fins to choose to make training a joy and not a pain?

How to look after a swimming cap

6.2.2023 Advices you

Even an ordinary cheap swimming cap will last longer if you take good care of it. A swimming cap is one of the most versatile items of swimming equipment. After all, from all that stretching, putting on, taking off and exposure to chlorine and the sun, the cap won't last more than a few months, it will simply tear apart. However, there are a few simple steps you can follow to extend the life of your swimming cap. As a reward, the cap will be your companion for many kilometres of swimming.

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