Finis Z2 Zoomers Swim Fins

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Finis Finis
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Product description

Swimming fins Finis Z2 Zoomers are specially shaped to support shortes and faster kicks. In the front side of the fin is a little protrusion for easier "cutting" of the water. Therefore the fins decrease the swimmer's fatique in the lower kick. The fins Finis effectively propel the swimmer ahead without overstraining his muscles. The fins are suitable for crawl, back stroke or butterfly stroke

The small shoe is full with an open tip in the lower part of the fin. The construction of the fins Finis Z2 Zoomers prevents hyper flexi, which is excessive flexion of the joints. 

Size chart for Finis Z2 Zoomers

Size Size EUR Size UK
A 33-34 1
B 35-36 2-2,5
C 36-37 3,5-4
D 38-39 5-6
E 40-41 6,5-7,5
F 41-43 8-9,5
G 44-45 9,5-10,5
H 45-46 11-12
I 46-48 12,5-14


Parameter Description
Material 100% Gum
Color Yellow
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Finis built its success off a monofin. The origin of the brand has been considered to be since 1993, but the founders had been involved in the development of the fins a few years earlier. Other technical products such as the central snorkel and Tech Toc began to be added alongside the monofins. The Finis brand still has many swimming gadgets used by many coaches to master swimming technique. As one of the few brands, it also produces quality swimming electronics. Its hallmarks are black and yellow products and logos.


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