Aqua Sphere Microfin HP black

Aqua Sphere Microfin HP black

Aqua sphere Aqua sphere
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Product description

The Aqua Sphere Microfin HP training fins have been chosen as the finest fins in the English Triathlon magazine 220 and now they comes with a refined version of HP. The fins have very comfortable shoes with a strap on the heel to help to put on the fins. The sole is made of thermoplastic rubber, which has a double thickness and makes the rim more flexible. Thanks to the flexible sole, the muscles do not suffer so much during a long training. The special length of the sole allows the natural movement of the ankle. The fins have a anti-slip tread and the edges of the sole are rubberized to avoid injuring other swimmers.

Size chart for Aqua Sphere Microfin HP fins

 Size EUR

 Size UK

 Feet size in mm



 190-200 mm



 210-220 mm


 2,5 -4

 225-230 mm



 235-240 mm



 245-250 mm



 255-260 mm



 265-270 mm



 275-280 mm

Aqua Sphere Microfin are one of the best-selling training fins in our offer. That's why I was curious about what they deserved and how was the swimming in them. So get into the pool :-)

The fins are processed in details that can be noticed at the first sight.The inside of the shoe under the foot the material is roughened to prevent the fins from slipping and ensured better holding on to the leg. While swimming, I did not feel the rough surface, but my fins did not fall. The lower side of the fin is also harsher, which is intended to protect against slipping. However, I do not recommend walking in the fins because it may destruct them. Walking may cause the fins to rupture at the sole. That is the reason I recommend to put on the fins on wet feet. This prevents possible damage and in addition the foot in easily slips into the fin.

It is easy to insert the foot thanks to its design. In case of other fins I  used to help with my fingers for easier slipping into the fins, so I believe that this handy little thing will make it easier for you to put on the fins.

The Microfin fins have a silicone shoe and a soft plastic sole. I have a narrow leg, so my big toe look slightly out of the fins, which of course does not matter at all. It is important that the fins hold the ankles and do not slip when swimming. After I put on the fins I felt the edge of the aperture on the tip of my toes a little, but it did not bother me, scratch or push at all during swimming.

I really enjoyed the swimming with the Aqua Sphere Microfin fins! They have a short sole and are beautifully soft. Despite being made of two materials, the kick is evenly distributed with them and does not feel any pressure in the middle of the foot. In case of other fins made of two materials, I felt that the force of the kick instead of the sole was transferred to the joint of the two materials. With these fins, I just swam great.

The fins are pleasantly soft, so both beginners and experienced swimmers can swim with them. They are suitable for adult swimmers and women as well as juniors because they are available in many sizes.


Parameter Description
Material Silicone
Thermoplastic rubber
Color Black
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