Finis Swimmers Snorkel Pink

Finis Swimmers Snorkel Pink

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Product description

The first training session with a new snorkel is always full of expectations. Whether it will fit, how comfortable it will be to breathe with, how it will feel to swim with and many other questions. And it was exactly the same for me when I went to the pool with a Finis snorkel.

The Swim Snorkel caught my eye at first glance with its bright pink colour and black details. It was nice and easy to adjust the strap around my head and I was looking forward to my first dives in the water. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the snorkel fit my forehead and how comfortable it was to breathe with, thanks to the larger opening at the end. To make it even easier to swim, the snorkel has a valve at the bottom so that any water that gets into the snorkel while you are swimming (such as when you do a flip turn) can be conveniently exhaled.

At the same time, I was concerned that the transparent rubber band around the head and especially the transparent mouthpiece tended to turn yellow over time. While this is inevitable, the Finis brand offers both a replacement mouthpiece and elastic, so I was able to replace the mouthpiece with a new one over time.

In addition to the replacement mouthpiece and rubber band, Finis also makes a Dry top snorkel attachment to prevent water from leaking into the snorkel, or a Cardio cap to make your workout harder. This snorkel is one of the few that can be easily combined with attachments, so you can customise it to your liking.

In terms of dimensions, the snorkel has a 46 cm long tube. The tube is oval in shape with a diameter of 2 x 3.5 cm. The snorkel will still fit comfortably in your bag or rucksack, and it won't leak water even if you go a little further underwater.

Swimming with the Finis snorkel provided me with a truly relaxing experience. I no longer had to worry about counting strokes; instead, I could fully immerse myself in the water and enjoy my swim. It allowed me to focus on my body movements, refine my technique, and simply relish the joy of being in the water. Even during flip turns, the snorkel performed flawlessly, and the bottom valve ensured I could effortlessly clear any excess water.

So why choose a Finis snorkel?

  • Interesting look
  • Great quality
  • Bottom valve to get rid of water
  • Possibility to change mouthpiece and rubber band

And for those who don't like pink, Finis also makes a snorkel in neutral yellow. And for younger swimmers, Finis also makes a junior snorkel in yellow.


Parameter Description
Material Polycarbonate
Color Pink
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Finis built its success off a monofin. The origin of the brand has been considered to be since 1993, but the founders had been involved in the development of the fins a few years earlier. Other technical products such as the central snorkel and Tech Toc began to be added alongside the monofins. The Finis brand still has many swimming gadgets used by many coaches to master swimming technique. As one of the few brands, it also produces quality swimming electronics. Its hallmarks are black and yellow products and logos.


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