How to care for a snorkel?

A snorkel, just like any other piece of swimming equipment, needs a certain amount of care to ensure it lasts. First and foremost, a snorkel likes dryness and darkness. What else does it need?

How to treat your snorkel

Rinse your snorkel with clean water after every swim.
When you get home, always take your snorkel out of your backpack and let it dry thoroughly.
You can leave the snorkel to air dry at room temperature.
If you need to store the snorkel immediately, leave it to dry in a mash bag or other mesh container that allows air to circulate.
After many uses, wash the snorkel - either just with warm water or use washing-up liquid, but rinse well afterwards!
Clean the inside of the breathing tube with a thin stick (pencil, brush, wand) wrapped in cloth.
Store your snorkel in a dark, dry place.


How not to handle your snorkel

Never leave your snorkel in a backpack after swimming, or worse, in a plastic bag, i.e. packaging that does not allow air to circulate.
Do not store your snorkel in the sun or expose it to extremely high temperatures.
Even if you feel that the snorkel is dirty, never clean it with Sodium hypochlorite
Do not jump into the water or subject the snorkel to hard impacts.

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