Why choose a nose clip?

Swimwear, cap and goggles. These three items are the most used in the water. In addition to that there is a small effective gadget for more pleasant swimming, that is the nose clip. A little addition to the swimming equipment, people often ask us about. Are you one of those people who like to have their nose dry? 

Why purchase a nose clip? 

A nose full of chlorinated water, which is hard to deal with, usually bothers everyone. Correct swimming and breathing technique is an excellent basis for preventing water from entering the nose. That is why it’s a good idea to have a nose clip in your swimming equipment. The belief that nose clips are worn only by aqua-bels is not true, they are increasingly seen at the Olympic Games among the world’s best swimmers. 

Conquer allergies and sneezing 

If you regularly suffer from nasal drainage and sore throat after swimming, you should consult your doctor and ask if you are allergic to chlorine. This could be the cause of your problems. In this case, nose clips can be a great help for those who can’t enjoy swimming due to an allergic reaction. Children and adults can equally use them. You can accomplish spins, flip turns or swim underwater without any worries. The nose clip is often used when learning the correct flip turns and backstroke kicks. 
Some open-water swimmers regularly complain of coughing and nasal drainage, that lasts for hours after swimming in the cold water, and swimmers who swim in the sea can even have unpleasant reactions to salt. The nose clip can minimize sneezing after swimming caused by chemicals, chlorine, salt, dirt or bacteria that irritated the nose while swimming. 

The right choice and comfort 

Wearing a nose clip means you can’t exhale through your nose, which can limit your performance. Even if you have the nose clip don’t hold your breath, some people tend to do so until they get used to wearing it. Although nose clips are universal, they don‘t fit everyone the same. The main thing is the clip should hold the nose firmly, without pain and without creating unnecessarily large bruises.

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