What is a resistance swimsuit for?

Do you want to make your swimming training more difficult? Find out what resistance swimwear is for and try its benefits. As the name suggests, a resistance swimsuit increases resistance against water and thus makes training more difficult and intense. 

For what is the resistance swimsuit used? 

Drag shorts, or resistance swimsuit is a special swimwear, but above all, it is a swimming aid that you don’t see much of or even notice in the pool. It is interesting for advanced swimmers who want to make their training more difficult, train harder or improve their physical condition. The old saying applies here: "Hard on the training - easy on the battlefield." 

What are resistance swimsuits made of? 

Resistance swimsuits are made of mesh materials or a special mash and are always worn over classic swimsuits. They are unisex, so both women and men can put them on. The mash of the swimsuit is duble-layerd and very loose, therefore water gets trapped between the two layers, creating a weight that makes it difficult for the swimmer to move in the water. As the swimsuit gets bigger, it also increases its surface area, thereby spoiling the hydrodynamic shape of the body. Therefore, the swimmer has to overcome greater resistance of the water and pursue more force to move forward in the water.

Final tip: 

Resistance training is the best way to build swimming strength, endurance and performance. In addition to the dry training of pulling rubber cords, swimming with a resistance swimsuit is more natural. 
Still not enough? To maximize resistance in the water, hand paddles and pull buoys can be used with the resistance swimsuit
It’s not as much fun as it looks like and the resistance is quite significant, so swimmers who haven’t mastered the correct technique could be harmed by the use of the resistance aids.

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