Swimming goggles TYR Socket Rockets 2.0

Swimming goggles TYR Socket Rockets 2.0

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Tyr Tyr
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Product description

There are so many swimming goggles on the market so you can get easily confused  while choosing. Do not be disappointed, however, because we will present a great piece of work in the following review. If you know you want to swim in swimming goggles,Tyr has a great offer for you!

TYR Socket Rockets swimming goggles are Swedish-style glasses. TYR Socket Rockets are one of the world's most elite racing spectacles, because their low construction provides you with minimal resistance in water. The goggles have UVA / UVB protection and polycarbonate lenses. They also have a lightweight rubber seal made of thermoplastic rubber to ensure comfortable wearing.

In my view, the benefits of these goggles are definitely eyepieces made form rubber! Thanks to them, you do not have to deal with pain around the eyes or that water is leaking into your goggles. The rubberized eyepieces ensure that the TYR Socket Rockets 2.0 goggles are carefully fit to your skin and your eyes stay dry.

Another positive fact about the googles is the great prize for high quality goggles. You can use the TYR swimming goggles when you go swimming to an outdoor pool for which a protective UV filter can be used. Many elite competitors are swimming in this type of goggles. Why is that so? TYR Socket Rockets 2.0 feature a low-resistance design and are also approved for races by the FINA Swimming Federation. Do not hesitate and try this equipment when choosing your goggles!

Designed in universal size for adults.

Antifog is an antifog layer inside the eyepieces. This layer significantly reduces glare. We recommend that you wash your swimming glasses with clean water after swimming and, before putting it into the case keep your goggles dry completely. Do not wipe your goggles with any handkerchiefs or touch them, damage the anti-fog layer, and the goggles will become foggy.

UV-filter absorbs dangerous UVA and UVB radiation, which can damage your vision. The goggles with UV-filter are suitable for outside and inside swimming.

The goggles have a wide angle of vision, providing you wide view and you can observe the surroundings. Ideal for swimmers on open water or triathlon.

Swimming goggles have a double straps. This type of tape is designed as one long elastic band, which is doubled. Its advatage is that it fits to the head better, you can put one strap above and one below or set each of them according to your needs. The great advantage of these straps is that even if they are torn they can easily be replaced by new ones.

These goggles have a sliding nose bridge. This type of nose bridge is fixed to the goggles and can be moved to several positions. This will ensure the proper distance between the eyepieces that best suits.

It is designed as unisex.

Approved and certified by the International Swimming Federation FINA (Fédération Internationale de Natation). It meets all international standards and allows start at prestigious races.


Parameter Description
Material Polycarbonate
Thermoplastic rubber
Age Adults
Lenses Antifog
UV Filter
Wide angle of vision
Belt Double
Nose clip Sliding
Gender Unisex
Homologation FINA
Color Clear
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