Finis Pull Buoy

Finis Pull Buoy

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Product description

Finis Pull Buoy helps keep the right body position when swimming. You put the pull buoy between your ankles, calves or thighs. All movement is thus centered on the upper half of the body that has to develop more strength. It is made of lightweight EVA material and is in universal adult size (approximately for 12 years-old-swimmer).

This Finis Pull Buoy swimming aid is also available in children's sizes as Finis Pull Buoy junior Finis Pull Buoy junior

The dimensions of the pull buoys:


15 cm


23 cm


5 cm


10 cm

The stroke trainer or the pull buoy in black and yellow s take a look at why it is so.

It's a blast! This is how to describe the pull buoy with three words :-) It really is a bigger pull buoy. This version for juniors corresponds to adult pull buoys’ size in some brands.

The Finis Pull Buoy is 23 cm long, 15 cm high, on the widest part it has 10 cm  and on the narrowest is 5 cm . Compared to competitive pull buoy, it is made of harder and better foam EVA material. It is perfectly finished, it not only has a bigger lift, which of course is a primary requirement for the buoy, but thanks to the higher quality it does not crumble or moldy.

I really enjoyed swimming with the Finis pull buoy, especially because of its ideal shape, which is suitable for both beginner and experienced swimmer. It held well over my knees and, thanks to its lift, perfectly maintained the ideal position of the body and kept well in the position at my ankles.

There are many pull buoys on the market, from different brands, different shapes and different sizes. This is great production by Finis. It's a bit more expensive, but investing in a better quality pull buoy will surely pay off. If you do not lose it at the pool, you will enjoy plenty of miles of joyful swimming with it.

EVA material (ethylene vinyl acetate) - This foam material is flexible, elastic and light. It is very durable, waterproof and is also resistant to UV radiation.


Parameter Description
Material EVA
Color Black
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Finis built its success off a monofin. The origin of the brand has been considered to be since 1993, but the founders had been involved in the development of the fins a few years earlier. Other technical products such as the central snorkel and Tech Toc began to be added alongside the monofins. The Finis brand still has many swimming gadgets used by many coaches to master swimming technique. As one of the few brands, it also produces quality swimming electronics. Its hallmarks are black and yellow products and logos.


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