Try our swimming training plan

Do you need help with correcting the swimming technique, or just help with planing your training, but you don't want to pay extra money for a swimming coach? We have heard your wishes and prepared a monthly training plan for you. Both, recreational and amateur swimmers will find joy in our training plan. 

Swimming training plan 

We have decided to help swimmers who go swimming without a coach and still want their training to have a direction and move forward. Every month we prepare two training plans for an hour of swimming. Be inspired by the best. The first training plan from profesional trainer is here!
For those of you who want to download the training or print it out, you can use the plans below. That way you can always have a training plan with you without searching for it at the last moment before your training. We prepared several options, which are always available in case you need them. 
Warm up:
200/300m Stroke by choice
4x75m Crawl/butterfly kick sets
50 (25)m Crawl + 100 (50)m crawl pull (crawl with a pull buoy) + 150 (75) crawl 
Main workout No 1:
5x (50 Crawl + 2x25 Butterfly drills)
Cool down:
200/300 Crawl (slow swimming)
200/300 Stroke by choice (slow swimming) 
Workout plan for swimmers. Warm up
Workout plan for swimmers. Main part
Workout plan for swimmers. Coold down

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