Swimming buoy guide

Would you like to be seen better in open water and in this way ensure your safety and protecting your life from passing boats or scooters? In that case, swimming buoys will be your „Guardian Angels“. However, their function is not only being a signal safety buoy. In our article, we will examine four swimming buoys in more detail and tell you what are their advantages.


Swim Secure Tow Float

So let's begin with the smallest and cheapest buoy. This is the Swim Secure Tow Float. It's a basic signal safety buoy, which you attach to your waist with a strap, and pull it behind you while swimming. Thanks to its bright colour, you will be seen, by caring friends, from the coast, as well from passing boats. You can also use it for resting. As soon as you get tired during swimming, simply lean on it and relax, the buoy has enough buoyancy to keep you floating on the water surface. 

Swimming buoy Swim secure tow float orange

Swim Secure Tow Donut

The second buoy that can catch your eye is Tow Donut from the same brand Swim Secure as the previous one. Even its primary functions are the same as it has a bright colour which helps you be seen from a great distance, and you can lean on it and relax when you feel tired. 

However, its added value lies in the middle of the buoy. There is a waterproof transparent pocket in which you can store all your belongings like a mobile phone, keys, money and other small items, without worrying that something will get wet or get lost. 

Swimming buoy Swim secure tow donut orange

Swim Secure Dry Bag Window

Thanks to this buoy, you will be seen from an even further distance. It can also be used as a relaxing tool in case you get tired while swimming. And last, but not least, thanks to its generous volume of 28 liters you can store not only your small belongings, but you can even put in clothes without worrying that something will get wet or even stolen from the coast. 

Swimming buoy Swim secure Dry bag window orange

The special thing about this signal Dry bag safety buoy is a transparent window where you can place your mobile phone and see the screen to check the time or see if someone is calling you. Thanks to this transparent window and some tracking app you can keep an eye on how much you swam, or how many calories you burned, and if you swim in unknown treacherous waters you can check GPS to know where you are and how to swim back.

Swim Secure Wild Swim Bag 

We kept this amazing piece for the end. Not only that you can use it as a signal safety buoy, a relaxing tool when you get tired, or storage for your belongings, as we mentioned in previous reviews. At the same time, you can use this swimming buoy Wild Swim Bag as a backpack. That's right a backpack. This special buoy has detachable straps, thanks to which, you can put it on your back and easily carry any swimming equipment.

Picture this... You are walking somewhere in the wild accessible only on foot, with your backpack and at some point, you see a beautiful clear lake and want to swim in it, so you just replace the straps with the one you attach around your waist, put your clothes, shoes and other belongings in the backpack, inflate it and you're ready to go. You just transformed a backpack into a swimming buoy.

Swimming backpack buoy Swim secure swim bag

Besides, this buoy has a volume of 30 liters, so you can easily fit in all your clothes, shoes and other things you need for your new adventures.

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