How to look after a swimming cap

Even an ordinary cheap swimming cap will last longer if you take good care of it. A swimming cap is one of the most versatile items of swimming equipment. After all, from all that stretching, putting on, taking off and exposure to chlorine and the sun, the cap won't last more than a few months, it will simply tear apart. However, there are a few simple steps you can follow to extend the life of your swimming cap. As a reward, the cap will be your companion for many kilometres of swimming.



How to look after your swimming cap

1. After swimming rinse the cap with cold, clean tap water every time and after rinsing dry it with a towel
2. After arriving home, always take the cap out of the backpack and let it dry on its own
3. Before putting the cap on, remove sharp hairpins from your hair and earrings, which can tear the cap
4. When putting the cap on, be very careful not to tear it with your nails. Get into the habit of putting on the cap using your fingertips and not your nails
5. Avoid touching the cap with sharp objects that could tear it
6. Store your cap in a dark and dry place


How NOT to look after your swimming cap

1. Do not leave your wet swimming cap in a backpack after swimming, mould could get into it
2. Do not dry the cap in direct sun or on a heater

Final tip:

Once the cap starts being sticky, has black mould spots or changes colour, it’s time to replace it.
Help your child to put the swimming cap on the head. Children don’t have that feeling to use only their fingers and not their nails while putting them on. They often forget to take out hairpins and hair clips.
And of course, don’t forget your swimming cap at the swimming pool. :)

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