How to warm up before swimming?

We all know this very well, wake up at 5 a.m., quickly jump out of the bed, meanwhile in the hurry grab at least some small breakfast and run to the pool. From the pool again in a hurry take a shower and run to the workplace or school.
Swimming is a sport that is very gentle on the human body compared to other sports, but it is still a physical activity that makes our muscles work. Therefore, it is good to warm them up, stretch and relax before jumping into the pool.
Warming up before swimming is often a neglected part of training, which could be a mistake leading to an injury that can exclude us from training for a long time.
Even a few basic movements and exercises can significantly eliminate any unpleasant injury of some muscles. The purpose of warming up is to activate the muscles and prepare the body for faster and more intense movements in the water. The muscles are then ready for physical activity and nothing will surprise them.
Some pools have special places equipped with, for example, a crossbar, ladders or exercise equipment. If not, simply stretch out on the edge of the pool. You are afraid that you will look like a "fool" in front of other people? Stretch out in the locker room, where you won't get as much attention.
It is always good to start warming up dynamically to prepare the body for training. Try to jump a few times, do a few squats or steps forward and to the sides, fast long arms stretching horizontally and vertically. All this gradually increases the heart rate and blood circulation in the body, and thus there is better blood circulation to the muscle fibers.
Examples of exercises
Circles - head, wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees and whole legs
Spread wide the legs, lean forward, and then alternately spread your arms and place your hands on the ground
Lunges forward and sideways
Planks - endurance in the back or elbows
Then you can start a short static stretching. Proceed from head to toe, stretching the neck, arms, shoulders, back, thighs, calves. You remember the exercises from elementary school, that's exactly what good physical education classes are for :-)
If you are swimming with a coach or a friend, you can also ask them for help with warming up and stretching out. For example, to passively stretch your shoulder joints to the extension in the forward bend. First, you spread across the width of your hips, join your hands behind your back and intertwine your fingers. Then you slowly start to lean forward and push your arms towards the ceiling. Your partner stands in front of you and presses the fingertips of your palms with gentle pressure. It is important not to forget to breathe during passive stretching, proper breathing can take on a whole new dimension of exercise as such.
TIP! Take advantage of everything you see around you.

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