How to look after your swimwear?

Swimwear, like other delicate clothes, has special requirements for maintenance and washing. Find out how to care for your new swimsuit so that it lasts as long as possible and retains its original properties. If you care properly your swimwear will be strong and beautifully coloured in long term same as when you purchased it.

How to look after swimwear

1. After swimming, rinse your swimsuit – preferably in the shower under cold water. Chlorine or salt causes the elastin to lose its flexibility.
2. Dry the swimsuit in the shade (if you are outside) or let it dry naturally on a drying rack.
3. If swimming in open water, remove all impurities as soon as possible.
4. Be careful in hot tubes and spas – they may contain chemicals.
5. Try to avoid applying sun creams, they can stain the swimsuit.
6. Store the swimsuit in a dry place.
7. Wring the swimsuit by pressing it into a small ball, and avoid rotation – this damages the fibres.

How NOT to look after swimwear

1. Do not leave the swimsuit rolled up in a towel after swimming. This accelerates the action of chlorine on the swimsuit and increases the multiplication of bacteria.
2. Do not wash the swimsuit with shower gels or shampoos, just rinse thoroughly in clean, cold tap water.
3. Do not wash the swimsuit in the washing machine, the detergents can be very aggressive.
4. Do not dry the swimsuit in a dryer, in direct sunlight or on a heater.
5. Do not iron the swimsuit, high temperatures can destroy the synthetic materials.
6. Do not use chlorinated bleaches. Just because swimsuits are chlorine-resistant doesn’t mean they can be bleached.
7. Do not go to the sauna in a swimsuit, even steam is not suitable – too high temperatures damage materials and seams.

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