How to choose a swimsuit for an infant?

The most common question before swimming with toddlers is how to choose the right swimsuit or diaper for them. What is the best option? Does the child swim better in a diaper or a swimsuit?


Why is a neoprene swimsuit better than a diaper? 

The explanation is simple. A diaper absorbs water and becomes heavy compared to a swimsuit. This makes the baby absorb more water and unnaturally shifts the baby's center of gravity to where the diaper is heavy. As a result, the correct body position isn't achieved. On the other hand, when using a neoprene swimsuit, the result is the opposite. The baby's center of gravity is correct and this helps with proper swimming technique.


Can swimsuits handle a number two? 

For babies and toddlers, it's important to choose a swimsuit that can withstand accidents so you and your child can enjoy a carefree swim at the pool. The Splash About and Swimaholic swimsuits are perfect for this. There is no need to put a diaper under this swimsuit, it would be rather undesirable. Not all brands make swimsuits that don't require a diaper, for example, Finis swimsuits must be combined with a baby diaper in case of a number two accident.

Swimwear with Duo Liner 

This duo swimsuit offers perfect protection against bacteria, fungi, pathogens, viruses and parasites thanks to its silver-impregnated inner lining. Silver enhances the antibacterial effect of chlorine in the water. In addition, the inner liner is very kind to the skin.


What about swimsuits and little accidents?

We always talk about big accidents, but what about little ones? Splash about and Swimaholic swimsuits are made of neoprene, which keeps the child warm. Neoprene lets 60% of the liquid into the pool, but that doesn't matter because the chlorine in the pool can handle it. 

How do I choose the right size? 

Choose swimsuits for your little ones according to the size chart. Waist and leg measurements are more important than age. Choose a "fitted" swimsuit rather than a larger one, with the understanding that the child will "grow into" it. If the swimsuit is too loose, it may not hold everything in properly.

Last tip: 

Choose the right floatation aids for your little swimmer's first steps in the water.

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