How to choose a swimming belt?

The swimming belt is the most popular aid for teaching children how to swim. Compared to the inflatable swim rings, they can’t deflate, you can’t break them easily and can be tightened around the small swimmer's body with a buckle as needed. In the inflatable swim ring, the child balances while swimming, so it’s very easy to flip over or slip out. For safety reasons, swimming belts are better than inflatable swim rings.


What are swimming belts made of?

The swimming belts are made from a soft foam material that floats. The classic swimming belt is assembled from triangular parts so that it interferes as little as possible while swimming. The swimming belt is quick and easy to put on, as it is a strap with a buckle that you simply click and tighten so that the belt tightly surrounds the body of a small swimmer.


Swimming only with a swimming belt or also with armbands?

The swimming belt can be combined with armbands or arm rings, which also float. The combination of the swimming belt and armbands is great insurance against turning upside down because the armbands raise the upper half of the body. Armbands and arm rings are most needed when the child can’t keep their head above the water. This gives them a greater sense of security in the water, especially if it’s their first contact with water. :)


How to choose a swimming belt according to size?

The sizes for swimming belts are 850, 1000 and 1300. These numbers are not only indicating the length of the strap in millimetres, but also the number of assembled triangular parts (9, 11, 13).
- The shortest swimming belt 850 is suitable for children under 3 years old
- The medium swimming belt 1000 is suitable for children from 3 to 6 years old
- The longest swimming belt 1300 is suitable for ages 6 and up.

Final tip:

If you want to buy one swimming belt that will „grow“ with the child, it is advisable to choose a longer size, and then just simply remove some triangular parts to shorten the belt. Parts on the swimming belt can be removed and added as needed.

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