Drown the stress in the pool

We are all day long in a rush, with tension, in our heads countless thoughts, which could be described as one big firework of ideas and worries in everyday life. Our head thinks from the moment we wake up until we go to bed, and we are constantly focusing on what will or can happen.
Wouldnt it be nice to stop and turn it off for at least half an hour?
We have a tip for you on how to do that.
Swimming, like other sports, bring us health benefits. But it can also give us great psychological relief, and that relief is often greater compared to other sports, for example, running. Runners will agree that it's not always possible to turn off our heads and focus only on the present moment. But in the water, it is completely different. The moment we jump in the water, there is peace. We focus only on ourselves and the movements in the water.
In case you just try to think about something else besides swimming, water will always give you very quick feedback. Not once, did I inhale chlorinated water due to inattention and trust me it's not a good thing. At least not for me.
Why swimming?
The great advantage of swimming is that the impact on our joints and bones is minimal, essentially non-existent. So, swimming can be considered a means of relaxation and in a way, it is also an active regeneration. Swimming is one of the most complex sports compared with other sports. We include all muscle groups during different styles, even the smallest muscles in the body are constantly involved. And that's why I think that swimming is one of the best ways to switch off and focus on ourselves at least for a while.
Like any physical activity, we swim for positive hormones - endorphins and serotonin. And thanks to them, we feel so great! Hormones affect us at any time of the day, so whether you go out in the morning, during lunch or in the evening, the result is always the same and amazing! Finally, Personally, I am very amused by the incomprehensible expressions of the people around me to laugh from ear to ear on Monday at 7 a.m. But I always boldly say that water and movements in the water work wonders.
So go to the pool to have a better day!

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