Funky Trunks Kickboard

Funky Trunks Kickboard

Funky Trunks Funky Trunks
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Product description

Swimming kickboard Funky Trunks Kickboard is designed for all swimmers. This kickboard provides good training of the lower limbs and learning the correct kicking technique. Suitable also for beginners.

The swimming board Funky Trunks is ergonomically shaped and made from foam material EVA, which buoys up the swimmer well. The most used swimming tool ever. The kickboard is without the holder in greencolour with black Funky Trunks logo.

The size is 42 cm x 27 cm x 2,5 cm.

EVA material (ethylene vinyl acetate) - This foam material is flexible, elastic and light. It is very durable, waterproof and is also resistant to UV radiation.


Parameter Description
Material EVA
Color Black
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Funky Trunks

Funky Trunks

Funky Trunks, like Funky, belongs to Funkita. This division designs and manufactures swimwear and swimming equipment only for men and boys. The quality of the materials and technology is the same as for Funkita. They determine the direction of men’s fashion. Besides swimwear, they offer swimming caps and training aids. They are gradually expanding the range, and the purely men’s designs, which will surprise you with their progressive color design, are truly original, and their motto “go fast” confirms this.


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